Sabah-MM2H offers 10-year renewable visa

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew launched the Sabah-Malaysia My Second Home (Sabah-MM2H) programme at a resort here on Sunday.

This programme is tailored specifically to highlight the unique attractions and opportunities that Sabah has to offer.

Sabah, globally renowned for its pristine natural beauty, rich biodiversity, diverse cultures, and warm hospitality, fits perfectly to support the main objective of the Sabah-MM2H Programme.

The programme aims to position Sabah as the preferred destination for retirees, expatriates, and individuals looking to relocate, enjoy a long-term residence, or have a second home outside of their own country.

Liew envisions the programme not only as a means to attract individuals to make Sabah their second home, but also as a catalyst for cultural exchange, economic vitality, and sustainable development within the community.

“The Sabah-MM2H programme offers a 10-year renewable visa with multiple-entry privileges. This will allow participants to gain the freedom to explore and experience all that Sabah has to offer, without the constraints of traditional visa limitations,” she said.

Participants of the programme will also have the opportunity to own property in Sabah, access quality healthcare services, and enroll their children in reputable educational institutions, among other benefits.

Additionally, she hopes that the programme will foster economic growth and development within Sabah.

Liew invites all prospective participants and stakeholders to consider Sabah not just as a destination, but as a place to call home – a place where nature harmonises with the warmth of its people, creating a high quality of life.

The Sabah Cabinet has approved the programme, and the state is ready to receive applications starting from July 1, 2024.

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