Sabah successfully initiated pangolin conservation efforts

The Sabah Wildlife Department, in collaboration with key local conservation groups has successfully held its pangolin conservation initiatives across Sabah.

This series of impactful projects has strengthened the protection of pangolins, which are classified as Schedule 1 “totally protected species” under the Sabah Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997.

“Pangolins are endangered species and protecting them is a priority under Sabah law. We are serious and will rigorously apprehend and prosecute violators.

“Our recent efforts demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding this species,” stated Augustine Tuuga, Director of the Sabah Wildlife Department.

On April 30, 2024, Sabah Wildlife Department together with their conservation partners (Pangolin Aware, LEAP, Shangri-La Rasa Ria Resort) has organised an awareness programme to celebrate “World Pangolin Day 2024” for the second time similar to the one held in Tanjung Aru Library Kota Kinabalu.

highlights of recent activities included “Pangolin Conservation in the Kinabatangan” workshop, co-organised by Land Empowerment Animals People (LEAP) and Pangolin Aware, marked a pivotal event in the region’s conservation efforts.

Bringing together stakeholders from the plantation, tourism, and local community sectors, this workshop fostered unprecedented collaboration.

The initiative facilitated vital networking and the formation of strategic alliances that have enhanced collective efforts to protect pangolins in the region.

Furthermore, the Sabah Wildlife Department, in collaboration with its partners, has made significant upgrades to rescue and rehabilitation equipment to enhance the handling and care of rescued pangolins.

Specialised transportation crates have been introduced, ensuring the safe and humane transfer of these vulnerable animals back to their natural habitats.

Awareness and educational campaigns have played a crucial role in broadening the reach of pangolin conservation messages.

Highlights include Pangolin Awareness Week and extensive billboard campaigns, which have engaged communities across multiple locations.

Notable venues include the Sabah State Library – Tanjung Aru, Rasa Ria Reserve, and schools in Tuaran and Penampang, such as SK Moyog, SK Tinambak, SK Rangalau Baru, SK Pahu, Sk Bawang, SK Sg. Damit, and SK Bantayan.

These initiatives have not only educated but also deeply engaged the public, enhancing awareness of the importance of pangolin conservation.

Plans are already in place to expand these educational programmes to more schools in Tuaran and other districts, continuing this vital outreach.

Ongoing Commitment to Pangolin Protection Educational initiatives have made a noticeable difference in public perception and behaviour towards pangolins,” emphasised Elisa Panjang, a local pangolin biologist and the Founder of Pangolin Aware.

“I urge the public to be their own ambassadors for pangolins and continue to educate their circles.

“Please report any illegal activities or any cases whereby pangolins need to be rescued to the Sabah Wildlife Department.

The easiest way is through their Facebook Page, 5R Hidupan Liar, email to or WhatsApp message to 0149000061.

These successful past events mark just the beginning of a sustained effort to protect Sabah’s pangolin population.

The Sabah Wildlife Department, along with their valued conservation partners and the dedicated local community, remains steadfast in its commitment to expanding and enhancing wildlife conservation initiatives.

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