Japanese investor keen to build elephant corridor

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew said a Japanese keen to build an elephant wildlife corridor in Kinabatangan, contributing for wildlife preservation.

The investor, motivated by a love for wildlife, has purchased land for the project, without asking any charges from the state.

Speaking at the Matta Fair Sabah at SICC on April 26-28, she said the Sabah Tourism Board will engage in further discussions with the investor in Japan.

The corridor aims to protect elephants from entering plantations in search of food and enhance tourist sightings.

Additionally, efforts to promote Mount Trusmadi include organizing a mountain race.

Liew urged regular dialogue among tourism stakeholders for sector improvement.

The Matta Fair’s expansion to 90 booths indicates a thriving tourism sector, with significant tourist arrivals and receipts in early 2024.

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