Sutera Harbour Resort receives safety certifications

Sutera Harbour Resort has been awarded duel MS ISO certifications for high safety standards by NIOSHCert.

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew officiated at the presentation of MS  ISO  Certifications: 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) and 21101:2014  Adventure Tourism Safety Management System (ATSMS) to four properties at the Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf and Country Club.

Present to receive the certificates from Liew were General Manager Adrian De Rozario (Magellan Sutera Resort), General Manager Gerry D’Cruz (Pacific Sutera Hotel), General Manager Rick Blackie (Sutera Harbour Marina, Golf & Country Club), and Director of Human Resources Md Al’freedo Md Yahya (Sutera@Mantanani) for their respective properties.

The Minister urged other property owners in the island resort and hotel categories to emulate Sutera Harbour Resort’s exemplary achievement.

“Safety is of paramount importance. I commend the resort for giving high priority to the safety of visitors and tourists as well as its staff members.

“I understand that the MS  ISO  certifications have placed the resort at the forefront of safety standards, not only in our region but also among pioneers in the Asean Region within the island resort and hotel categories,” she said.

Group Chief Executive Officer of Sutera Harbour Resort, Gilbert Ee reiterated the resort’s major concern about the safety of its guests and employees.

“In Sutera Harbour, we take upon ourselves the great responsibility of ensuring that the guests not only arrive safe but also leave the hotel safe after experiencing our services, facilities and products.

“So, in March 2023, we took a bold move to take up the challenge to develop a more rigorous safety control by adopting the ISO Standard,” he said.

Describing the MS ISO certifications as a monumental milestone for the resort, Ee said these prestigious certifications underscore Sutera Harbour Resort’s obligation not only to safety compliance but also a reflection on long-term commitment to maintaining high safety standards in the resort.

According to the Group CEO, over the last 10 months in 2023 with more than 360 manhours, some 57 of the employees, together with the consultant Think Big and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), have put in relentless efforts to identify key areas in developing the safety processes, documentations, audit, training, and compliance.

Thanking the Minister and the Ministry for their continuous support, Ee said: “While the State government and the Ministry are promoting Sabah to the world, we in the tourism and hospitality industry play an important role in creating confidence and a safe environment for the tourists.

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