Hungarians media keen to promote Sabah

The Sabah tourism delegation’s presentation in Hungary, led by Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew, unveiled Sabah’s stunning beauty to Hungarian media, sparking curiosity about the ‘Land Below the Wind.’

Liew explained that Budapest was chosen for its strategic location in Central Europe, offering a gateway to introduce Sabah’s diverse offerings to new markets.

Emphasizing Sabah’s pristine islands, beaches, and luxurious resorts, she invited Hungarian media to promote Sabah to their audience.

Liew also encouraged collaboration between Hungarian travel agents, tour operators, and the Sabah Tourism Board to develop marketing campaigns showcasing Sabah’s unique attractions.

She urged agencies to reach out for potential collaboration opportunities to promote Sabah effectively to Hungarian travelers.

Senior Editor Christopher Maddock of Budapest Times expressed interest in starting a column on Sabah, noting the positive impressions from a recent event with tourism officials.

He cited distance and unfamiliarity as reasons Hungarians visit West Malaysia over Sabah.

Alpar Kato, CEO of Daily News Hungary, agreed, suggesting flight connections through Dubai or Istanbul for easier access to Sabah.

Dr Anna Popper of the Diplomatic Press Agency also pledged to highlight Borneo’s significance, praising its beauty and calling for promotion.

Maddock, Kato, and Popper emphasized the need to bridge the gap between Hungary and Sabah through increased awareness and convenient travel options.

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