Semporna: Two foreign tourists killed in collision

Two foreign tourists lost their lives in a tragic collision between a tour bus carrying eight passengers and a trailer truck on Kalumpang Road (KM20) of the Semporna-Tawau road on Mar 11 (Mon).

The Semporna Fire and Rescue Station Chief, Mazlan Sarman, identified the deceased as Lee Siong Huat, a 60-year-old male from Singapore, and Ngo Trinh Buu Dung, a 40-year-old female from Vietnam.

Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene by a medical officer from the Health Department before being handed over to the authorities for further procedures.

Mazlan stated that three male adults with severe injuries were rushed to Semporna Hospital for advanced medical care using EMRS vehicles, while two individuals (a female child and a male adult) with minor injuries were transported to the hospital in Health Ministry ambulances.

Fortunately, the driver of the trailer truck escaped unharmed from the incident, as stated in the official media release.

The emergency response team received the distress call at 4:03pm regarding the collision between the tour bus and the trailer truck carrying fruit cargo, which resulted in the vehicles veering off the road.

Following the assessment of the situation for any remaining hazards, the operation was successfully concluded by 5:30pm, said Mazlan.

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