Uzbeks entice by Sabah’s warm sunshine

During the Tashkent International Tourism Fair 2023 in Uzbekistan, Sabah’s allure was unveiled to about 260 attendees, including Uzbek travel agents.

Funholiday’s Managing Director Connie Chong, presenting Sabah as a new destination, highlighted its stunning beaches and islands like Mantanani Island and Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Emphasizing Sabah’s diverse culture, she invited Uzbeks to enjoy the state’s beautiful sunset in Kota Kinabalu City.

The response was positive, with Uzbek travel agents expressing interest in promoting Sabah as an ideal winter getaway.

With the launch of Batik Air’s weekly flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tashkent and Uzbekistan Airways resuming flights, accessibility to Sabah has improved.

Connie also engaged with Uzbek media to showcase Malaysia’s tourism and Sabah as a leisure destination.

She mentioned Tashkent’s readiness to welcome visitors during winter as most hotels has installed heaters to keep guests warm.

Looking ahead, Connie plans a familiarization trip for local agents to explore Central Asian gems, as the newest leisure destination.

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