Tabin’s mud volcano erupts

The Lipad mud volcano at the Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Lahad Datu erupted again on the night of Nov 27, 2023.

It spewed a massive five feet high of volcanic mud, nearly covering the first floor of the watchtower, according to Tabin Wildlife Resort, General Manager  Lawrence Chin.

“No witnesses were present, as the reserve was closed to visitors at night. The following morning, it was discovered that the ground floor of the watchtower was covered in mud, prompting the tour guide to lodged a report.

“The Lipad mud volcano, the largest and most well-known in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve, attracts various animals and birds for salt-lick.

“This natural phenomenon results from increased mud pressure inside the earth, requiring periodic release.

“Importantly, it is unrelated to earthquake activity and poses no imminent seismic threat.

“The erupted mud, rich in mineral resources like sulphur, iron, and salt, was not hot and did not endanger wildlife or visitors,” said Chin.

He emphasised that the mud eruption presented a rare and spectacular sight, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the Tabin Wildlife Reserve.

Similar eruptions occurred on Sept 18, 2022, providing tourists with a breathtaking view from the mud volcano tower. Previous eruptions were also recorded in 2014 and 2019.

Established in 1984, the Tabin Wildlife Reserve, covering 1,225 square kilometers, stands as Malaysia’s largest wildlife reserve. Its purpose is to preserve the wildlife and natural environment of the area.

The reserve offers various activities and facilities, including jungle trekking, birdwatching, wildlife observation, mud bathing, and accommodation.

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