Tawau airport upgrading works start next year

The Ministry of Economy has granted approval for the Ministry of Transport (MOT) to upgrade Tawau Airport (LT Tawau) in the 4th Rolling Plan of the 12th Malaysia Plan (RP4 RMK12) set for implementation next year.

Tourism, Culture, and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew stated that the proposed upgrade project includes increasing the terminal capacity from 1.5 million passengers per year (mppa) to 2.5 mppa.

The project aims to enhance passenger facilities, improve security levels, efficiency, and operational services at the airport. The anticipated commencement is in 2024, with completion expected in mid-2027.

Addressing concerns about access roads to tourist attractions, Liew noted that road upgrades fall under the State Public Works Department and the Ministry of Rural Development.

Proposals have been submitted to both state and federal implementing agencies.

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture has approved allocations under the Federal Government for tourism road upgrades, including RM300,000 for Tobilung, RM300,000 for Borneo D’Pagung, and RM200,000 for the Kampung Tangkol Recreation Centre.

Liew emphasized the Tourism Ministry’s commitment to facilitating the development and enhancement of access to tourist centers for visitor comfort.

She was responding to Assemblymen from Sri Tanjong, Justin Wong and Bandau, Wetrom Bahanda during question and answer session at the State Legislative Assembly sitting.

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