Sabah welcomes Shanghai investors

Shanghai businessmen expressed keen interest in investing in Sabah’s tourism and property development sectors.

Their intentions were revealed to Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew during a courtesy call.

Seeking advice on securing state support, the investors from Dresser Wayne Fuel Equipment (Shanghai) Co Ltd were assured of the government’s investor-friendly approach.

Liew encouraged viable investments benefiting Sabah’s economy and job market.

Local investor Dinawa Island Sdn Bhd anticipates attracting Chinese investors for Sabah’s tourism, particularly in the Second Home Programme.

Johnny Ong Tek Kin, the company’s Director, revealed plans to integrate Sabah’s properties into the programme post-international border reopening.

Prof Gu Benjian proposed a joint exhibition of Shanghai and Sabah artists’ paintings and calligraphy in Kota Kinabalu, fostering artistic exchange.

Representatives from Dresser Wayne Fuel Equipment expressed interest in the Second Home Programme, solar energy investment, and bird’s nest production in Sabah.

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