Sabah achieved a new record for having the most nations involved in a tree planting programme

The Sabah Forestry Department set a new Malaysia Book of Records by having the most nations participating in a tree-planting programme at the International Friendship Garden in the Kawang Forest Reserve on Nov 16.

Delegates from 44 nations, participating in the 26th Miss Tourism International 2023 engaged in the tree planting activities.

The crowning event is on Nov 25 at the Sabah International Convention Centre.

Sabah Chief Conservator of Forests, Datuk Frederick Kugan expressed excitement over achieving this milestone, highlighting its significance for the Sabah 40 Million Trees to Be Planted in 2025 campaign.

The event fosters cultural exchange, addresses deforestation globally, and promotes international cooperation.

Kugan stressed the historical importance of the tree-planting event, bringing global attention to reforestation efforts.

The success underscores the Sabah Forestry Department’s dedication to sustainable forest management and environmental protection.

Collaborating with delegates aims to raise awareness about the urgent need for forest restoration, combating climate change effects.

The International Friendship Garden event symbolises collective efforts toward this goal, with delegates contributing significantly to environmental conservation.

Their commitment represents a crucial step in preserving the planet for future generations, marking a meaningful contribution to global reforestation and climate change mitigation.

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