SeBRnet: Collaborative for conservation

The Southeast Asia Biosphere Reserves Network Programme (SeaBRnet) promotes regional collaboration for conservation.

Tourism, Culture, and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew emphasized SeaBRnet’s commitment to conserving designated biosphere reserves, focusing on the balance between human development and nature.

The programme aims to foster cultural exchange, encouraging mutual understanding and respect among Southeast Asian nations.

Liew highlighted responsible tourism as a core element, promoting practices that respect the environment and host communities.

SeaBRnet’s foundation lies in research and knowledge sharing to address environmental and cultural challenges collaboratively.

Emphasizing the vital role of youth and local communities, Liew invited neighbouring nations to join in preserving the environment, fostering cultural understanding, and promoting sustainable development in the region.

Delegates from various countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Japan, attended the programme from Nov 13-15 at a hotel.

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