Babagon dam perfect spot to see raptor birds

The Babagon Dam in Penampang is home to at least five eagle species, playing a vital role in maintaining the local ecosystem.

Tan Gim Cheong, Bird Group Chairman of the Nature Society (Singapore), highlighted the significance of the dam as an eagle habitat, including potential use as a stopover for migratory eagles.

He encouraged collaborative efforts to observe these international migrations.

A workshop organized by the Sabah Bird Watchers Association, in partnership with Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Tourism Malaysia, and Jetama Sdn Bhd, participated by 35 bird enthusiasts.

He emphasized the eagle behaviour and migratory patterns during the northern winter migration.

Ron Pudin, President of the Sabah Bird Watchers Association, praised the beauty of Babagon Dam, highlighting its exceptional water quality and its role as a sanctuary for local bird populations, even discovering the Pekaka Bukit bird.

Ahmad Zaki Abu Bakar, General Manager of the Environment, Social, and Governance Division at Jetama Sdn Bhd, expressed the company’s commitment to green sustainability initiatives in line with Sabah’s goals.

He highlighted the importance of collaboration with government agencies and the private sector to preserve the environment and promote sustainable tourism.

Completed in 1997, the Babagon Dam is Sabah’s largest dam, standing at 70 metres tall and having a capacity of 23,780 million litres, serving as a crucial component of the region’s water infrastructure while also contributing positively to the local ecosystem.

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