New device to lessen pain on cancer patients

Sabah’s Community Development and People’s Wellbeing Minister, Datuk James Ratib, emphasized the state government’s commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery.


During the launch of Sabah’s first hyperthermia machine, he said efforts are carried out to ensure quality healthcare for all.


Training sessions on breast cancer screening were conducted by Cyberjaya Central College Kota Kinabalu and Klinik Famili Dr Juliana, supported by oncologists from Korea and Malaysia.

 The Sabah Healthcare Symposium was held to explain the new machine by Korean physiotherapist Dr Seong Mo Yoo.


AdipoLabs Healthcare introduced the Remission 1 Degree Hyperthermia machine to treat cancer pain.


There are plans to establish an assembly plant to reduce the machine cost and make it available to public and private oncology centres through collaboration with Health, and Finance ministries, said its Director Moses Balagopal.

 Dr Juliana Samuel, a General Physician, underlined the machine’s potential to reduce pain and treat up to six patients a day.

Although affordability remains a challenge, collaborations with insurance companies, NGOs, and government departments may make it more accessible in the future.

The programme saw the participation of various healthcare-focused NGOs, spreading awareness about these treatments among those in need.

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