Motac to launch Muslim-friendly packages in Nov

Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister (Motac) Dato Sri Tiong King Sing, is emphasising the development of Muslim-friendly tourism.

He said Motac plans to launch Muslim-friendly tourism packages in Nov 2023, targeting the Middle East and China due to their substantial Muslim populations.


Motac will collaborate on luxury travel packages, such as golf and medical tourism.


Cooperation with the Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) is in the works, facilitated by the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board.


In October 2023, courses and training programmes will educate industry players on the specific needs of the Muslim tourism market.


The Minister engaged with various associations, discussing international tourism promotion, industry consensus, and subsidies for operators.


Motac is committed to supporting all sectors impartially to boost the national economy.


Tiong addressed complaints of unfair treatment of tourists at places like Jalan Alor, where locals overcharge foreign visitors.


Such practices harm Malaysia’s tourism reputation and are against the law.


Tiong urged industry players to rectify these issues and promptly report tourism concerns for a positive tourist experience in Malaysia.

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