STB ‘Mansau Sabah Boostku’ all snap up

Sabah Tourism Board’s (STB) ‘Mansau Sabah Boostku’ travel incentive made waves during the three-day Matta Fair, Kuala Lumpur, signaling a strong interest in Sabah’s attractions.

STB Chairman, Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, expressed delight as the entire RM200,000 incentive was claimed during the fair, underlining Malaysians and travelers’ fascination with Sabah.

The initiative distributed 2,500 RM80 e-vouchers to consumers, reducing travel expenses when booking Sabah tours. Its aim was to encourage Sabah travel packages at the Sept 1-3 Matta Fair.

Joniston praised 37 travel agents from Matta Sabah Chapters for their dedication in promoting Sabah. He emphasized the vital role travel agents play in showcasing Sabah as a premier tourist destination.

The overwhelming response at the Matta Fair and STB’s enticing travel incentives boost optimism for Sabah’s tourism industry.

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