Sabah’s cuisines to woo foreign visitors

Sabah aims to attract more foreign tourists by promoting its diverse traditional food, enriching their experience and boosting the local economy.

The inaugural “Sadap Bah Sabah Food Fiesta 2023” showcased traditional cuisines from 14 districts, engaging 80 small businesses and 15 entrepreneurs.

The event held at Hongkod Koisaan, Penampang from Aug 3 to 6.

Sabah’s cuisine represents its cultural identity, blending various tribal influences, and this programme aims to preserve that heritage.

The event highlights dishes like hinava, bossou, and siiopon, fostering cultural ties and friendships.

The Sabah government supports local products through initiatives like the ‘Buy Local Goods’ campaign.

Despite modernisation, preserving cultural heritage, especially traditional food, is a priority.

The fiesta aspires to gain global recognition for Sabah’s traditional cuisine and contribute to Malaysia’s economy.

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