Mt Sinsing is third tallest in M’sia

The Sabah Forestry Department has officially measured Mount Sinsing in Tambunan, confirming it as the third tallest mountain in Malaysia at 2,586 meters above mean sea level (m.s.l.).

The mountain gained attention in 2018 when it was highlighted as the third tallest in Malaysia and Borneo, surpassing Mount Tambuyukon.

To obtain a more accurate height measurement, a team from the Forest Research Centre and the Persatuan Komuniti Kampung Nupakan used the Stonex S900A Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver during a recent expedition.

The data were processed by a licensed surveying company to establish the official height.

Mount Sinsing is located within the Nuluhon Trusmadi Forest Reserve, managed by the Tambunan District Forestry Office, along with nearby Mount Trus Madi, the second tallest mountain in Malaysia.

These montane forests are vital habitats for unique flora and fauna, emphasizing the need for protection efforts.

The Heart of Borneo (HoB) Initiative organized a scientific expedition to survey the area’s biodiversity and the socio-economic aspects of nearby communities.

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