KPJ perform Whipple procedure to remove tumour

KPJ Sabah Specialist Hospital achieved remarkable success in liver and pancreatic treatments.

Dr Mohd Sharifudin Sharif, the Resident Consultant General and Hepatobiliary Surgeon, performed a 1.25kg liver tumour removal using the Whipple procedure on a 33-year-old woman post-childbirth.

Despite some complications during recovery, she is now closely monitored and showing positive progress.

The hospital also conducted the Whipple procedure on an 87-year-old woman with gastrointestinal bleeding and a 62-year-old man with a large duodenal tumour, both with successful outcomes.

These cases demonstrate the hospital’s dedication to advanced surgical treatments for liver and pancreatic conditions.

Liver resection and the Whipple procedure have proven effective in treating liver and pancreatic tumours.

Dr Sharifudin stressed early detection and treatment importance, particularly for liver conditions linked to hepatitis B, hepatitis C, fatty liver, and steatohepatitis in Malaysia and the United States.

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