Awan Restobar, a place to enjoy dining atop the city

Blazing sunset, the allure of Kota Kinabalu’s views, and airplanes descending upon Kota Kinabalu International Airport can all be enjoyed at Awan Restobar.

Located on the 11th floor of Sutera Avenue, this restaurant’s main offerings are steamboat and buffet-style food, as well as delectable à la carte options.

There is also a pub for those seeking for night entertainment.

Diners have the choice to select from a variety of meaty items, including chicken, mutton and fresh seafood.

Additionally, they offer an array of green menu options for vegetarians and some desserts.

According to Allan Ho, the general manager, the outdoor grill station and mini burger selection are considered their unique features.

“These offerings are not only delectable, but they also provide a vibrant and lively atmosphere for diners to enjoy,” said Ho.

Diners can choose to sit inside the air-conditioned lounge or the outdoor corridor to relish the gentle breeze and the city’s views.

The establishment can accommodate up to 300 guests and can also be booked to hold special functions such as birthday parties, corporate gatherings, or any other themed events.

The restaurant is ready to cater to guests’ requests by informing them two days in advance, allowing them to set up the place accordingly.

Awan Restobar is looking forward to welcoming both foreign and domestic tourists, as well as local diners, said Ho.

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