STA aims for sustainable tourism recovery

The Sabah Tourist Association (STA) has identified the next two years as crucial for rebuilding confidence in the tourism industry.

The newly elected Chairman for 2023-2025 term, Melanie Chu, highlighted the association’s commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism practices, aiming to create a resilient tourism sector in Sabah.

The diverse lineup of stakeholders, including destination owners, tour operators, and accommodation providers, plans to collaborate with tourism authorities at state and federal levels.

Chu expressed gratitude for the previous office bearers’ support and welcomed the new committee members.

The STA mission statement, “We Unite, We Serve, We Achieve,” will guide their efforts.

Additionally, there are 20 member companies elected to the general committee, representing the ten tourism sectors in STA.

Among them included Borneo Adventure, Sabah Tea Resort and Sepilok Tropical Wildlife Adventure. Together, they strive to improve the tourism industry in Sabah.

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