Tabin experiencing rare migration of elephants

Tabin wildlife reserve in Lahad Datu is currently experiencing a unique event as over 300 Borneo pygmy elephants have gathered near the Tabin Wildlife Resort.

This phenomenon occurs once every 10 years. The reserve spans 300,000 acres, making it Malaysia’s largest wildlife reserve.

“The reason for the elephants’ visit remains uncertain, but it could be part of their migration route.

“They usually stay in the area for about a month before dispersing,” said the resort general manager Lawrence Chin.

The presence of the elephants has excited tourists, but safety measures are in place to maintain a safe distance, he said.

The elephants feed on vegetation before moving on, he said, adding that the convergence of herds in the resort area is a remarkable phenomenon, similar to the migration patterns of African elephants.

The exact increase in their numbers is unknown and usually monitored by WWF, he said.

It is unsure if the elephants might also be attracted to the mineral-rich mud volcanoes in Tabin, frequented by wild animals seeking minerals.

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