Sabah strengthens air connectivity with China

Sabah welcomes Shanghai Airlines on July 2, as the second China-based airline to resume direct flights into Kota Kinabalu, enhancing air connectivity and the tourism industry.

Assistant Tourism, Culture, and Environment Minister Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, greeted the inaugural flight’s 159 passengers, emphasizing the importance of this development for the tourism sector.

The collaboration between Sabah and China-based airlines signifies stronger international relations and creates opportunities for economic growth and cultural exchanges.

Shanghai Airlines will operate daily direct flights between Shanghai and Kota Kinabalu, providing increased convenience and accessibility for travelers.

The addition of Shanghai Airlines follows the successful operations of China Southern Airlines, which resumed direct flights from Guangzhou to Kota Kinabalu in April, further strengthening Sabah’s global connectivity.

In line with the arrival of Shanghai Airlines, Tourism, Culture, and Environment Minister Datuk Christina Liew, embarked on an official working visit to China, accompanied by a high-level delegation from the Ministry.

The visit will cover Shanghai, Xian, and Beijing, including crucial meetings with Chinese government officials and airline representatives to discuss tourism-related matters and explore opportunities for collaboration.

The delegation aims to foster cultural exchanges and attract more visitors to experience the beauty and hospitality of Sabah.

Sabah looks forward to the positive impact of these direct flight connections in promoting tourism, trade, and cultural understanding between the two regions.

The collaboration with China-based airlines not only bolsters air connectivity but also strengthens tourism ties between Sabah and China, paving the way for enhanced cultural exchanges and attracting more visitors to Sabah.

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