Taiwan targets Muslim tourists from Malaysia, Brunei

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau aims to attract Muslim travellers from Malaysia and Brunei, which have large Muslim populations.

Malaysia and Brunei respectively having 61 and 67 percent of Muslim, the combined potential reaches a significant 20 million individuals.

They are focusing on integrating Muslim travel resources and have performed well in the Global Muslim Travel Index.

The government aims to exceed six million visitors in 2023.

Muslim tourists visiting Taiwan have strong purchasing power, especially for halal-certified products.

In 2019, Malaysia had the largest number of Southeast Asian visitors to Taiwan.

The number of visitors from New Southbound countries in the first quarter of 2023 reached 77.4 per centcompared to the same period in 2019.

Taiwan offers convenient tourism with visa exemptions and complimentary services for independent travellers.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Kuala Lumpur organised a workshop, themed “Happy Taiwan,”.

kicked off in Brunei, then to Kuching and ended in Kota Kinabalu, showcasing Taiwan’s delicious cuisine, beautiful scenery and vibrant city attractions.

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