Golden Halo phenomenon on Mt Kinabalu attributed to sunlight refraction

Sabah Parks has clarified that the mesmerizing ‘golden halo’ phenomenon observed on Mount Kinabalu was a result of sunlight refraction, resembling the traditional headgear called ‘sigah’ or ‘sigar’ worn by the ethnic Dusun community.

The park authorities addressed this on their official Facebook page on June 15, dismissing speculations about photo manipulation.

The captivating image, initially shared by Daverond Gurading on June 13, quickly gained traction on social media, amassing over 1,000 likes and nearly 500 shares.

Daverond Gurading, a 23-year-old guide from Kota Belud, affirmed the genuine nature of the occurrence and provided evidence in the form of a video.

He captured the photograph from the summit of Low’s Peak around 6am, during which approximately 100 climbers were present.

The ‘golden halo’ phenomenon, attributed to sunlight refraction, has captured the attention of nature enthusiasts and the public alike, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Mount Kinabalu’s surroundings.

All photos courtesy of Daverond Gurading’s Facebook page.


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