Kiulu farmstay transition to to local community

Kiulu Farmstay, a community-based tourism project in Kiulu, has transitioned from private tour company management to local community control, empowering the communities and promoting sustainable tourism.

The transfer of ownership from Borneo Eco Tours to the villagers was marked by a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing.

Sabah Tourism Board officials, including chairman Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, witnessed the occasion and praised the visionary project.

The move is expected to enhance tourism experiences, allow communities to showcase their products authentically and sustainably, and bring economic benefits through direct tourism revenue.

Borneo Eco Tours had established Kiulu Farmstay in 2015 as a community-based ecotourism project, involving three villages: Kampung Mantob, Kampung Dumpiring, and Kampung Pinagon Baru.

The communities received support and training in management, infrastructure development, and marketing during the eight-year period.

Borneo Eco Tours handed over assets worth more than RM270,000 to the community and will continue to assist in promoting and marketing tourism products.

The company had introduced various tourism offerings, including Kiulu Farmstay, Bamboo Hut Village, Borneo Quad Biking, Kiulu Homestays, guided tours, and an Obstacle Course.

They also provided operational and logistical support, training community leaders, and assisting with transportation and marketing efforts.

These comprehensive efforts have enabled the successful transition of Kiulu Farmstay, ensuring community empowerment and long-term sustainability in the tourism industry.

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