MATTA Fair Sabah raked in over RM25 million

The MATTA Fair Sabah concluded with a remarkable sales turnover of over RM25 million.

The event, held at the Sabah International Convention Centre from May 19 to 21, attracted more than 15,000 visitors over three days.

MATTA Sabah chairman Lawrence Chin, expressed satisfaction with the fair and highlighted the participation of 50 regional and international exhibitors occupying 90 booths.

Chin mentioned that the presence of new and upcoming destinations such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, and Zimbabwe has amplified Malaysia’s significance as a major tourism market.

This indicates that Malaysia continues to be an attractive destination for travelers.

Chin also noted an encouraging trend of increased customer spending across all tourism verticals, suggesting a strong pent-up demand for travel.

Despite the global economic downturn, consumers displayed confidence in their expenditure, which is a positive sign for the tourism industry.

Regarding domestic travel, exhibitor feedback indicated that Sabah, Kuala Lumpur, and Sarawak were the preferred destinations among consumers.

The convenience of purchasing packages played a significant role in their choices, indicating that consumers value accessible and well-structured travel options.

Based on the buyers’ contest data, Asian destinations emerged as the top choice, followed by Europe, North America, Africa, and Oceania.

The data also revealed that tour packages, umrah (Islamic pilgrimage), cruises, and ground packages were the most favored and purchased during the fair, reflecting the diverse preferences of the attendees.

The buyers’ contest lucky draw took place on May 26 at the MATTA Sabah Chapter office, with the presence of travel agents, MATTA committees, and representatives from Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG).

The winners’ list has been posted on the MATTA Sabah Chapter Facebook page, and the winners have been contacted, ensuring transparency and communication with the fortunate participants.

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