Local author launch interactive children’ book to promote Sabah

Author Fariza Sakina Farish launches interactive children’s book, immersing readers in Tuaran district’s enchanting folklore.

Book combines captivating illustrations and activities inspired by Fariza’s grandmother’s tales, promoting cultural appreciation.

Fariza plans to write more children’s books featuring different Sabah districts, preserving diverse narratives.

Book presented during Kaamatan Festival to Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, commended for preserving local tales.

Preserving and sharing cultural heritage ensures its continuity; Joniston encourages young individuals to follow Fariza’s example.

Book fosters creativity and cultural exploration, intertwining stories with illustrations to spark appreciation for heritage.

Fariza’s initiative uplifts local tales, earning admiration and highlighting the importance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage.

“A Tale From Tuaran” available for RM60 on Instagram, 10 per cent profits support Borneo Pygmy Elephant conservation.

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