Sustainable tourism crucial for industry future

Tourism Malaysia has emphasized the importance of raising awareness about sustainable tourism, ensuring the industry’s long-term future.

Its Senior Director Strategic Planning Division, Saidi Bundan highlighted the significance of sustainable tourism in line with the National Tourism Policy (2020-2030).

This policy aims to transform Malaysia’s tourism sector through public-private sector partnerships and digitalisation for sustainable and inclusive development.

 He was speaking at the launch of ‘Mari Pigi Sabah & Labuan Roadshow 2023’ from May 23 to 26, with the theme ‘Sustaining Tourism for Our Future’ at Sunway University.

The roadshow was also held at the Management & Science University (MSU) in Shah Alam on Wednesday.

Bundan also commended the efforts of Sunway University’s commitment to the United Nation’s (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in practicing sustainability in research, work practices, and consumption.

“Sustainable tourism plays a crucial role in conserving and preserving tourism destinations and products for future generations,” he said.

The community-based and rural destinations were also part of the highlight during the roadshow as several products have received international recognition including the ASEAN Tourism Awards.

Sabah’s reputation as an eco-tourism destination was highlighted while Labuan was  recognised as one of Malaysia’s National Geoparks for its unique sedimentary rocks, landscapes and biological sites.

Bundan called upon all stakeholders in the industry to uphold their commitment and dedication to make a difference and empower people to contribute to tourism in Sabah.

He expressed confidence that the roadshow would attract students, parents, lecturers, staff, and foreign expats to purchase domestic tour packages, thus revitalising the domestic tourism sector.

Sunway University President Professor Sibrandes Poppema and his colleagues as well as Tourism Malaysia Sabah Deputy Director Trecey J Tojuka also in attendance.

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