Tourism Malaysia and Sabah FC to promote sports tourism

Tourism Malaysia and Sabah FC have teamed up to launch an affordable package called “Bola in the City with Sabah FC-A Trip of Excitement” to promote sports tourism.

The package, developed with eight local travel agencies and supported by Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), offers buyers the opportunity to meet and interact with Sabah FC players and watch a training session at the Likas Stadium a day before the match day.

Fans can also watch the match with Sabah legends such as Hassan Sani, Matlan Marjan, Burhan Ajui, and Jelius Ating.

The package also includes a visit to various attractions in Sabah such as Manukan Island, Rumah Terbalik, Monsopiad Heritage Village, Tagal Tinopikon Walk, and Kampung Nelayan Restaurant.

The package is a continuation of the first edition launched in October last year and received an encouraging response from football fans.

The collaboration is expected to attract more football fans to the stadium and increase the arrival of tourists to Sabah.

The package was launched by Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan.

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