Shop for books as Christmas gift at Urban Tamu

KOTA KINABALU: With Christmas just around the corner,  once again the Urban Tamu at Riverson was made available for gift hunters.

Various vendors offering variety of gifts for shoppers to choose from including a book seller where its author Anna Vivienne was also present to meet the buyers and to autograph the books.

“This was a good opportunity for shoppers to look for interesting and unique items for Christmas,” she said.

In the West we have plenty of Christmas books including the Grinch who hates the festive season while we have the folklores of traditional  beliefs of the Dusun community, she said.

She hoped her books would get great support from shoppers as gifts to loved ones and friends to encourage reading.

“My three books, all fiction based on the traditional beliefs of the Dusun people are commendable as Christmas presents as they are informative and entertaining,” she said.

Besides books, she was also selling handicrafts and souvenir items such as bracelets, book bags and necklaces as well as key chains.

According to her all these items were ideal for tourists who wished to bring back souvenirs from Sabah .

However, owning a book from her was akin to bringing a piece of Sabah’ with them.

The books that contained the core of the Dusunic beliefs were recommended as Christmas presents.

Meanwhile, Yenzie from Slice of Crafts believes that this bazaar was commendable for people to get Christmas presents.

She hoped that there would be more visitors to the venue to not only browse but purchase items as personal collection as well as gifts various occasions.

They would be open from today (Sat) until 6pm tomorrow (Sun).

There are also food vendors participating in the event.

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