Writers meet at mountain touristic spot

KOTA KINABALU: A homestay on the hills of Kundasang was abuzz with activities recently when a group of writers met there for a writing seminar.

The seminar organised by the KDM Writers Club Malaysia was attended by 50 members and their guests.

Dubbed Regional Ethnic Writing Seminar, it was graced by speakers on the art from Borneo and Indonesia.

Dr Azlan Shafie Abdullah, the president of the club popularly known as Momogunsia said the speakers were from Brunei, Sabah, Indonesia and Sarawak.

“I am pleased with the event as it had good response from our members and other writers,” he said adding the speakers included Dr Ramzi Ationg from UMS Sabah, Dr Sri Ningsih Sukirman from Indonesia, Nurlina BIPG  Kent, Dr Chong Ah Fok from Brunei and Witer Gunik from Ranau Sabah.

Azlan also known as Raymond Majumah, also presented a paper.

He said the seminar was supposed to be attended by 100 people but with the lingering presence of Covid-19 it was better to have a less crowded venue.

He said this event which was held every four years was aimed at improving their writing skills as well as to promote friendship and rapport among them.

According to him, next year there would be similar activities such as writing workshops for school students and interested individuals.

“We hope that more local writers will join Momogunsia, as there are many local writers that has yet to join the club,” he said adding the group offered various activities to promote the craft among them.

Azlan said they carried out many and various activities every year to evoke interest on writing and reading among the general public while preserving the members interest in the club.

The seminar was held in collaboration with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) and sponsored by Yayasan Hasanah.

Meanwhile, DBP representative Rusdi Awang said they had always supported ethnic writers and encouraged them to write and publish through DBP, where many local writers had been accorded this platform for their works.

“We encouraged them to write ethnic stories, documentaries and write-up among others, with utilisation of dialects and ethnic words, but there must be a translation or glossary of contents,” he stressed.

He encouraged those who had written a book to submit it to DBP for whetting but stressed that the establishment did not encourage writings on superstitions and ghost stories.

On another note, he congratulated Momogunsia for carrying out the seminar which saw lively participations from all present.

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