Tagal system on the forest for conservation effort

KIULU: Kiulu is looking into implementing forest “tagal” as part of a communal effort to preserve the forest and its animal inhabitants.

The idea is mooted by Assistant Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Environment Datuk Joniston Bangkuai, who is Kiulu assemblyman, following the success of river “tagal”, an initiative to regulate fish catches that have since become a tourist attraction.

He said the community’s adoption of the tagal concept on the forest is an excellent way to demonstrate their ongoing dedication to the preservation of the environment, which includes the wild animals that live in the surrounding areas.

“The abundance of pristine plant and animal life in Kiulu has made it a popular destination for eco-tourists. While we advocate for the locals to turn their village into a tourism hotspot, we want them to have a deep appreciation for their natural surroundings.

“We understand that villagers have been hunting animals for a long time. I also believe we must regulate hunting of certain wild species such as deer that might be an attraction,” he said at the Biosphere Reserve Roadshow at Kiulu Rainforest Park here, on Friday.

While the existing tagal system tries to limit the depletion of freshwater resources, resources, Joniston opined similar approach should be implemented in the forest in the community area to ensure it is free of hunting activity for a set period of time.

In fact, he said the locals of Kampung Poturidong had seen animal tracks on the many hiking trails, pushing them to consider establishing a forest “tagal.”

He added Kiulu’s natural surroundings are of exceptional value because it is located within the transition zone of the Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve, and it has become a draw for travellers who appreciate exploring tropical forests.

The Biosphere Reserve roadshow, organised by Sabah Parks, sought to educate the community on the importance of continuously raising environmental consciousness on preservation and conservation.

The roadshow was held at the Tuaran district level in February 2020 at the Kiulu Community Hall.

This time the programme is targeted towards Kiulu tourism industry players as part of the state government’s efforts to explain the role of the Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve programme within the context of community ecotourism.

Present were Sabah Parks Board of Trustee deputy chairman Peter Lintar and Kiulu Tourism Association Mejin Moggingow.

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