New York-based school making Sabah a learning destination

KOTA KINABALU: The New York-based Think Global School-the world’s first travelling high school had visited Sabah in July 2022.

The school coming with 34 students aged between 15 and 17, spent two months learning the state rich diversity.

They also acquired fresh experiences that they may incorporate into their lives back home.

The concept of the school is to bring students to live and study in a different country every semester, engaging in place-based and project-based learning pertinent to the nations they visit.

Eleven teachers accompanied the students here and they come from many different places, including the Middle East, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Northern Europe, and Asia.

During their sojourn here, the students visited Mari-Mari Cultural Village for cultural immersion and hiked Mount Trus Madi, the second highest mountain in Sabah.

The students also engaged a learning session on blog and content writing with the Sabah Tourism Board Communications and Digital Unit.

The purpose of this session is to teach the students how to communicate what they have learnt and how they may contribute to the promotion of Sabah.

On Aug 30, the students gave a presentations on what they learnt while in Sabah and shared their projects at the Sabah State Library in Tanjung Aru.-HS

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