Many hidden attractions within Sime Darby plantation

KUNAK: The Sime Darby plantation has many hidden attractions that can be turn into tourism products.

Among them are the Tasik Impian, ex-Japanese tunnel, oil palm museum which housed the oldest oil palm trees, and Hot Spring Sungang, all are off-limits to the general public.

Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Joniston Bangkuai and the Sabah Tourism Board’s product team were impressed after making an inspection.

Sime Darby’s primary business is plantation but, they can work with the local community to promote tourism in the area, suggested Joniston.

The Sabah Tourism Board is ready to facilitate any collaboration that benefits the Kunak’s people and their economy, as well as the state’s tourism sector in general, he said.

Kunak Tourism Association chairman Mohammad Hatta Arabi said agriculture is the primary sector in Kunak, which covers an area of 1,134 square kilometres, with just 1 per cent of the economy comes from tourism.

Currently, Kunak main known attractions are the Madai Cave, the Blue Ring Reef and the Madai waterfall.

In addition, the Kunak Tourism Association, Kunak District Tourism Action Council and Kunak Forestry Department are eager to upgrade the existing Madai Sejadi waterfall and developing community-based tourism within the Madai Cave vicinity.-HS


One thought on “Many hidden attractions within Sime Darby plantation

  1. For the coming intl.tourism attractions, the govt shld look into the existing main attractions to be upgraded or revamp instead of creating new spot? Like our museum,our lok kawi wildlife,transports system like tourism buses maybe with double deck & complete with earplugs languages translations for tourist, tourist map board on every corners of the town. Just copy some ideas frm korea or every Singapore will do? Not need to creating far attractions yet lah…

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