Hakka farmstay to offer the community delicacies and culture

TENOM: The only Hakka community of Kampung Lagud has now ventured into tourism to promote their cuisine and culture.

The product known as Hakka farmstay was launched on Sept 25 by Sabah Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Joniston Bangkuai.

Its owner Lawrence Wong said he hoped to empower the Hakka community including restauranteurs and other product operators to work together to develop tourism.

The village is home to about 30 Hakka families, all are farmers and they are eagerly waiting to develop this quaint rural destination.

Padas Farmstay owner Tham Yau Kong who is a veteran in the state tourism industry said he wants to share his successful experience to help the local Chinese to promote their rich historical culture and heritage.

“Tenom Hakka delicacies has been around since there were Hakkas here. Now we want to spread the word to draw more people here to enjoy the authentic cuisine,” he remarked.

He also hoped that the Kudat district, which also has a sizable Hakka population, would be inspired by the initiative taken by Tenom’s Hakka community.

Joniston said expanding gastronomic tourism in this interior district would allow Tenom to capitalise on the demand for authentic Hakka experiences.

“This is a good start to elevate the Hakka community and I see the potential of expanding this effort to other districts, where there is a Hakka population.

“We at the Sabah Tourism Board see this as an effort to bring in more tourists, especially the Chinese, and I am confident this authentic experience will become a hit not only for tourists but also locals,” he said.-HS

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