Rumah Terbalik open for visitors

Rumah Terbalik or upside down housee

TAMPARULI: Rumah Terbalik and 3D Wonders Museum, one of the unique tourism attractions near here is offering the front liners free entrance from May 22 to July 1.

This is a token of appreciation to thank the front liners for their selfless sacrifices in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, said its owner, Alexander Yee.

“We will be following the strict guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health. We can’t thank the front liners enough. During the next two months, we will be extending free entrance to all of them,” Alexander announced.

The centre is open to welcome visitors too and the operation hours is from 10am to 4pm.

He hopes the front liners such as doctors and nurses, police, army, firefighters, reporters, food delivery guys and logistic industry personnel will spend some fun time with their families at Rumah Terbalik during the holidays.

“We will put in place quite an extensive social distancing and hygiene measures for our visitors,” he assured.

He also hopes the tourism industry will slowly pick up as the whole tourism industry is wondering how to restart as most of them target foreigners, furthermore, and our border have yet to open.

The Rumah Terbalik or upside-down house which is supposed to go under renovation in February has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the pipeline is to upgrade and transform the interior of the house into 5D features.

“However, we have to put on hold now, because the screens will be sourced from China and the factory has been shut down due to the movement control order.

“I think it is likely we will carry out the upgrading works next year as I am still talking to the designers in Singapore,” Alexander shared.

The Rumah Terbalik is a tourism institution which represents Tamparuli and even Sabah at Its best, he said.

“It was the first upside house in Malaysia when opened over eight years ago. We carry on our shoulders how we have been united in our battle with Covid-19 and how we will continue to be vigilant and ultimately triumphant over it,” Alexander said.-HS

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