Thailand events and festivals is on as scheduled

Nongyao Jirundorn

Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) – Malaysian & Brunei (Kuala Lumpur Office), Nongyao Jirundorn was pleased to have met their great partners – travel agents, media friends, airlines, and Team Thailand in Malaysia, who have been supported Thai Tourism industry and TAT’s activities through all these years.

February 2020 has been a challenging month for many sectors and the tourism industry, she admitted.

In the light of Covid-19 situation that many have been affected, she said TAT emphasized that Thai tourism industry will do everything possible to strictly implement preventive measures and heighten active surveillance for all tourists in Thailand to protect all from being exposed to the virus.

“This is consistent with the policy of the Thai tourism industry to provide and maintain quality services.

“In the meantime, Thailand’s events and festivals between now and March 2020 will take place as scheduled. Public transport, tourism establishments, attractions and shopping malls are open as usual,” she asserted.

TAT would like to remind all to strictly adhere to everyday hygienic habits, which can help prevent the spread of several viruses, especially when you are out and about enjoying travel experiences in Thailand., she stressed.

The TAT’s offices in Kuala Lumpur is ready to help and act as coordination centers for those people requiring any information updates on the Covid-19 situation in Thailand, she assured.

“In this time of challenge, I would like to express our gratitude and concern to all of our partners, travel agents, media friends, airlines and all the Malaysian tourists.

“Together we can make our preventive measures successful and will be able to overcome this situation in minimum possible time. Let’s stay safe and strong together,” she enthused.-HS

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