SATTA welcomes government measure to curb Covid-19

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Association of Tour and Travel Agents (SATTA) has welcomed the measure taken by the Sabah Government to temporary prohibiting the incoming flight from South Korea effective March 2020.

Its chairman, Dato’ Seri Winston Liaw said the Sabah Government is doing the right move due to the rapid rise of Covid-19 outbreak in South Korea.

“This is chiefly to protect Sabah people being infected by this pandemic disease, otherwise all the previous precautions done by Sabah against Chinese travellers will be useless,” Liaw said.

He added: “We expect South Korea Covid-19 spreading might surpass China, as Korea is a democracy country which is more difficult to contain such virus.”

Apart from that, he also announced that SATTA members numbering 10 in total will skip the coming Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) Fair Sabah scheduled to be held at ITCC Penampang from April 3-5.

The reason is that, SATTA sees early April is not a good dates to do such promotions, he said.

He added that in May it would be much better respond from the public as according to China virus expert, the virus most probably can be contained by end of April.-HS

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