PDL wants to promote tourism through his music

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah evergreen singer Peter Dicky Lee who has stayed long enough in the entertainment scene that many could remember has decided to slow it down this year.

He is not slowing down for retirement anytime soon, but decided to switch his focus on doing something else.

“I will cut down on my programmes,” said Peter (pic) in referring to the Sabah beat box battle and Sabah talent star programmes that he organised every year under his Borneo Events Production to unearth new talents for the entertainment industry.

“It is very tired travelling all over the places, I am going to slowdown. I want to take care of myself, I am going to take care of my singing career which I had not been doing all these years.

“I am going back to the studio; I am going to think of me now rather than the people upgrading and discovering new talents.

“I am going to come up with a couple of new songs, in fact I will be going to the studio after Chinese New Year either in Feb or Mar,” Peter announced.

He had already identified several locations for his video shooting such as Sepanggar Island, Kokol Hill and the tree house hotel situated in between Inanam and Manggatal.

“I am doing this to promote the tourism attractions of Sabah through my music videos in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020,” said Peter who has been appointed as a member of Papar Tourism Association.

“There are many beautiful places in Papar that are still unheard of, such as a hotel not surrounded by seas but rivers something very unique and we could never imagine it is right here at our doorstep,” Peter enthused.

Besides that, he will continue to produce local telemovie to promote the interesting folklores and heroes of Sabah.

“I will do away with the usual love story drama based on the storyline related to Kuala Lumpur.

“It is time for us to do our local mythical stories and our local heroes such as Mat Salleh, Antenom and many others which is unheard by many people but only the villagers knew,” he said.

And he hopes his ambitious endearvour will get financial support from kind donors to make it happen otherwise it would only be a dream. -HS

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